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iOS Device Pros

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Top Applications For iOS Devices


iOS is a popular mobile operating system designed and distributed by tech firm Apple for its mobile devices. At the moment, it is the main operating system that powers Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In the recent past, iOS devices have registered tremendous growth and are currently used by millions of people to perform different tasks. They are also used by kids for internment and educational purposes. With the coming of the App Store, it has become possible to download applications onto your iOS device. The following are some of the applications worth having in your iOS device.


Flipboard is one of the best apps you can have for your iOS device, especially if you like swiping through the news. It is a customizable application you can use to view different news categories, while you can also add asocial media networks like Facebook and Twitter to read latest news updates. For those looking for interactive way to swipe thorough the news, they can't go wrong with this engaging application. There are some iPad glass repair online if you need such a service.


Food Network in the Kitchen gives you tones of recipes you can browse through. The best thing about this app is that it categorizes recipes by star chefs. If you have a soft spot for cooking, this application gives you step-by-step instructions on how to prepare different foods, as well as interactive photos to make your experience in the kitchen a memorable one.


Another great app for iOS devices is Haze, a weather application that takes checking weather patterns to a whole new and elegant level with tones of weather info and colors that symbolize the current conditions. To top it up, the application has a very delightful interface. Check this post:


If you frequent YouTube and want to enjoy an interactive browsing experience, Jasmine is one the applications you must download onto your iOS device. With this application, watching videos on YouTube will become more interactive because it comes with sleeker designs and features to help you find videos you want to watch. The application helps you to browse featured, trending and popular videos easily.


Scrabble for iPad also comes high on the list. While it could be quite expensive, it is worth the price you will pay and the best thing is that you can get a discount if you time your purchase well. You can challenge the computer of play with friends through Facebook or over Wi-Fi networks. One of the best features about this application is that you can use an iPhone as your tile rack for the letters then use the game board on the table. If you like playing games on an iOS device, Scrabble for iPad is one of the must-have applications if you own an iOS device. You can as well learn how to Fix cracked iPad.